French locomotives and multiple units,
in scale 1:160 (N)

(My collection static displaymodels)

UPDATED December 2020:  New models, new pictures!  

Some ORDER JOBS - in N-scale - see down below on this side!

SNCF survey I SNCF survey II

Part 1. SNCF Electric locos

SNCF BB 1/80,   SNCF BB-100,  SNCF BB-800 SNCF BB-300, SNCF BB-900,  SNCF CC-1100 SNCF CC-1100 (ursprung),  SNCF BB-1200 SNCF BB-1400,  SNCF BB-1500,  SNCF BB-1600,  SNCF BB-1800 SNCF 2CC2-3400,  SNCF 1ABBA1-3600,  SNCF 1CC1-3700 SNCF 1CC1-3800 SNCF BB-4200,   SNCF BB-4600 SNCF 2D2-5000,  SNCF 2D2-5100,  SNCF 2D2-5300 SNCF 2D2-5400,  SNCF 2D2-5500 SNCF CC-6500,  SNCF CC-7100,  SNCF BB-7200 BB 8100,  BB 8500,  2D2 9100,  BB 9000 SNCF 2D2-9100,  SNCF BB-9200 SNCF BB-9400,  SNCF BB-9600,  SNCF BB-10003 SNCF BB-12000,  SNCF CC-14100 SNCF BB-15000 SNCF BB-16000,  SNCF BB-16100,  SNCF BB-16500 SNCF BB-17000 SNCF BBB-20003,  SNCF CC-21000,  SNCF BB-22200 SNCF CC-25000,  SNCF BB-25150 SNCF BB-25200,  SNCF BB-25500 SNCF BB-26000,  SNCF BB-36000 SNCF BB-26000 (10),  SNCF BB-36300 SNCF BB-27000,  SNCF BB-27300,  SNCF BB-37000 SNCF CC-40100

Part 2. SNCF Diesel locos and shunters

SNCF BB-60000,  SNCF C-61000,  SNCF BB-61000,  SNCF A1A A1A-62000 SNCF BB-63000,  SNCF BB-63500,  SNCF BB-64700 + TBB-64800 SNCF CC-65000,  SNCF CC-65500 SNCF BB-66000,  SNCF BB-66700 SNCF BB-67000,  SNCF BB-67300,  SNCF BB-67400 SNCF A1A A1A-68000,  SNCF BB-69400 SNCF CC 70000,  SNCF BB-71000 SNCF Y-2400,  SNCF Y-6200 SNCF Y-7400,  SNCF Y-8000

Part 3. SNCF TGV/ High speed trains

TGV-line up, different generations SNCF TGV 001,  SNCF TGV-PSE SNCF TGV-A,  SNCF TGV-R SNCF TGV-Duplex,  SNCF TGV-Euroduplex,  SNCF TGV-POS SNCF TGV P01,  SNCF/ Alstom AGV Elisa,  Alstom AGV Thalys TGV PBA,  Thalys TGV PBKA PTT TGV (La Poste)

Part 4. SNCF EMU:s

Transilien (Paris commuter network) SNCF Z 5100,  SNCF Z 5300,  SNCF Z 6100 SNCF Z 5600,  SNCF Z 8800,  SNCF Z 8100 SNCF  Z 6400 SNCF  Z 7100 SNCF Z 7300,  SNCF Z 9600,  SNCF Z 11500 SNCF Z 20500,  SNCF Z 20900,  SNCF Z 92050 SNCF Z 21500,  SNCF Z 22500 SNCF Z 23500,  SNCF Z 24500 SNCF U 25500,  SNCF U 52500 SNCF Z 27500,  SNCF Z 50000,  SNCF Z 55500 SNCF B 84500,  SNCF B 85000 SNCF B 84500,  SNCF B 85000

Part 5. SNCF DMU:s + driving vans.

SNCF T 1000,  SNCF T 2000 SNCF X 2100,  SNCF X 2200 SNCF X 2700,  SNCF X 2800 SNCF X 4300,  SNCF X 4600 SNCF X 72500,  SNCF X 73500,  SNCF X 97150 SNCF driving vans SNCF driving vans SNCF driving vans

Some of my custom orders, in N-scale (1:160)

BB-12000 on Minitrix 12572-chassis CC-14100 on Fleischmann-chassis SNCF Z 4100 SNCF Z 5100 SNCF Z 5100 SNCF Z 5300 SNCF Z 7100 SNCF Z 7300 (Z2) SNCF Z 7300 (Z2) 1. generation Paris-metro stock 1. generation Paris-metro stock