Who am I?

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I was born in 1957 and lives in Tumba, south of Stockholm/ Sweden. Between 1986 and 2010 I was employeed as
modelmaker at Stockholm City Planning Administration, where I was producing the models for the town planning design.

I've always been intrested in models, and as a seven-years old kid I took my first steps with ships, tractors, buses etc.
in simple materials. Paper and karton was (and is) my favourite material, depending it's smoothness and that you quickly
can see results.
In the 80's the transparent plastic foil entered in my modelling, and even today it's the main material in the bodies of trains,
buses etc.

My N-scale collection

Since 1977 I've mostly build trains in N-scale (1:160).  My big hobbyproject is to get a complete collection of displaymodels
of all locomotives, EMU´s and DMU´s from western Europe (look at "Gallery"!).

The collection has (2024) reached a number of about 2000 different models, of which approx. 400 (of my swedish models)
is displayed at the Swedish Railway Museum, Gävle, permanently.

Further 150 of my norwegian models are displayed permanently from 2005, at the Norwegian Railway Museum, Hamar.

In 2008 I´ve also inaugurate a display case at the Stockholm Tramway Museum, with trams/ commuter trains/ buses etc.
from the Stockholm area (70 models).

In autumn 2009, 500 of my european models was shown at Museum of architecture in Stockholm in a temporary
exhibition, "BanaVäg".


Over the years, I´ve done many train- and busmodels to customers, in most scales.

For example, I have delivered a large amount of SJ locos, cars and small items in Z-scale (1: 220) for a private person in Småland, for over 30 years.
Here is a video showing this layout, with pure Swedish 1960s / 70s as a pattern!

One of the more spectacular comission (in 2008) was the double-deck EMU of SJ (class X40) in N-scale, to the disco-group BWO.
The model spun around in one of their official videos!

From 2011, I started up my firm, Jörgen Edgar modellbyggare. To contact me - see below!
You can also go directly to the ORDER-site.

I take orders of models in scales up to 1:87 (H0).  If you like a train model with function, you as customer
need to purchase the underframe/ driving chassies (and if necessary: pantographs)!

The model railway

Together with my brother Frank, we build a snow-covered layout in the N-scale in year 1979. The pattern was the
Alvesta-Emmaboda-Karlskrona line in Småland (in the southern of Sweden) in the seventies, at winter time.
It was exhibited at Nässjö Raiway Museum between the years 2005-2010.
From 2014, the model railway was taken over by Modelljärnvägens Hus, Alunda (Uppland)

Clic on "My model railway" and you´ll get the whole story!

Others about the homepage

At the "Gallery", I´ll serve pictures from a selection of my model collection, country by country. At regular intervals I´ll change
pictures, and also bring some new ones (new models will be added to the collection all the time...).

- Under Building tip I present some step-by-step building instructions, mostly in Swedish.

- Under Latest you will find what´s going on at my workbench - and where and when you can meet me next!


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Jörgen Edgar
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