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Jörgen Edgar

Hand-made models in most scales

From 2011 I have my own firm, based in Tumba south of Stockholm.

My speciality is unique models of trains, buses, buildings etc, manufactured to suit
the customers requirements.

Please look around the GALLERY - my storefront. There are you find my own collection of more than 1.900
handmade locos and multiple units, in N-scale (from Western Europe).
Also examples of custom orders through the years.

Welcome to reserve your dream-model: ORDER!

Please, see what is currently in stock (Swedish models):  HERE!
See also actualities on FACEBOOK!


2021.08.26:    LATEST   -   Some news.

2021.08.10:    GALLERY   - SPAIN updated!  New pictures etc.

2021.06.30:    ORDER   - IN STOCK,  N-scale:  DB hybrid loco BR 1002/ H3 (Display model).


2021.07.11:    GALLERY   - GREAT BRITAIN updated!  All pictures exchanged.

2021.05.23:    GALLERY   - LUXEMBOURG updated!  New pictures etc.

2021.04.17:    GALLERY   - NETHERLANDS updated!  New pictures etc.

2021.03.08:    GALLERY   - BELGIUM updated!  New pictures etc.

2020.12.26:    GALLERY   - FRANCE updated!  New pictures etc.

2020.09.25:    GALLERY   - ITALY updated!  New pictures etc.

2020-08-21:    THE WINTER LAYOUT   - My winter layout in N-scale: Updated!   New pictures, etc.


2018.11.28:    INFO   - New video showing a Z-layout (1:220),  where I delivered most SJ-locomotives & cars.

Here you´ll see this layout, with Swedish 1960s / 70s theme!