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Jörgen Edgar

Hand-made models in most scales

From 2011 I have my own firm, based in Tumba south of Stockholm. My speciality is unique models of trains, buses, buildings etc,
manufactured to suit the customers requirements - at low prices.

Please look around the GALLERY - my storefront. There are - apart from my collection of thousands handmade locos and multiple units
in N-scale - examples of custom orders through the years.

Welcome to reserve your dream-model, clic on ORDER!

Please, see what is currently in stock (Swedish models),  click  HERE!
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2021.06.30:    ORDER   - IN STOCK,  N-scale:  DB hybrid loco BR 1002/ H3 (Display model).


2021.07.11:    GALLERY   - GREAT BRITAIN updated!  All pictures exchanged.

2021.05.23:    GALLERY   - LUXEMBOURG updated!  New pictures etc.

2021.04.17:    GALLERY   - NETHERLANDS updated!  New pictures etc.

2021.03.08:    GALLERY   - BELGIUM updated!  New pictures etc.

2020.12.26:    GALLERY   - FRANCE updated!  New pictures etc.

2020.09.25:    GALLERY   - ITALY updated!  New pictures etc.

2020-08-21:    THE WINTER LAYOUT   - My winter layout in N-scale: Updated!   New pictures, etc.


2020.05.14:    GALLERY   - GERMANY updated!  New pictures etc.

2020.05.14:    GALLERY   - NORWAY updated!  New pictures etc.

2019.09.07:    GALLERY   - DENMARK updated!  New pictures etc.

2019.09.06:    LATEST   - NEWS about Events!

2019.02.14:    GALLERY   - NORWAY:  New pictures!

2018.11.28:    INFO   - New video showing a Z-layout (1:220),  where I delivered most SJ-locomotives & cars.

Here you´ll see this layout, with Swedish 1960s / 70s theme!