Jörgen Edgar

Hand-made models in most scales


Book Your unique model of trains*, buses, trams, houses, etc., which can´t be found anywhere else!
My specialty is models to affordable prices, in any scale - to suit Your own preferences.

* Locos/ multiple units with function: I produce the loco-body while customers need to purchase the driving chassis
(and if necessary: pantographs).
Mounting the locobody to the customer's chassis is included in the price, provided the chassis easily be separated from the "donor´s" bodies.

"Despite" that they are 100% hand-built, I can keep low prices - thanks to easy ways to produce, choice of materials and no
or a few suppliers.

All markings on the models (logos, letterings etc.) are performed by hand. If you want specific markings, or letterings that
should be "examined in the magnifying glass" - you have to purchase some decals.
Of course, the model can also be delivered without markings, if you want to do these jobs yourself.

Price examples: see further down the page!

Please, take also a look at my models in stock!
Here you find a big number of different (mostly) swedish buses, excavators etc.

How to order

Contact me via:


Phone: +46 (0)70-474 3548

Ordinary letter:
Jörgen Edgar
Grytstigen 19
S-147 52 Tumba

Expect about 12 months waiting time for delivery, from the time of your order.
I will announce when the model is complete.  If you have E-mail, I´ll send you pictures.


For amounts of over 300 EUR, I possibly charge a deposit. Shipping cost will be added to the price.
Any fees (e.g. customs, tax) be paid by the customer.

I will send your model immediately, as soon as the amount is deposited in my bank account in Sweden:
IBAN: SE59 5000 0000 0535 7101 9040
Bic/ Swift: ESSESESS

Some price examples:

N-scale 1:160:  locobody to the  SNCF  electric BB-12000   220 EUR

N-scale 1:160:  carbodies to the  FS  EMU ALe 801/940  (4-car trainset)   745 EUR

N-scale 1:160:  carbodies  to a Stockholm older underground-train. Per coach:   195 EUR  (H0 1:87 :  235 EUR)

H0 1:87:  Buses, single deck:   185 EUR,  double deck:  220 EUR  (N-scale 1:160 :  65 EUR / 95 EUR)

Scale 1:50:  campervan   290 EUR  (H0 1:87 :  190 EUR)

Also look around the Gallery - my storefront!
There you find my own collection of thousands different, hand-built trainmodels in 1:160 from western Europe.
You even find examples of custom orders, through the years.