Danish locomotives and multiple units,
in scale 1:160 (N)

(My collection static displaymodels)

UPDATED*  Some new pictures (by September 2019) - see below!

DSB:  Part of the collection (1) DSB:  Part of the collection (2) DSB:  Part of the collection (3)

Part 1:  Steam locos


Part 2:  Electric locos

DSB electric´s DSB EA DSB EG,  Railion Scandinavia EG Railion Scandinavia 185

Part 3:  Diesel locos and shunters

DSB M (ex Slangerupbanen) DSB ME DSB MH DSB MJ,  DSB MK,  DSB ML DSB MT (101-106),  DSB MT (151-167) DSB MV (115-116),  DSB MW DSB MV (1101- ),  DSB MX (131-132)  DSB MX (1001- ) DSB MY (1101-  /Frichs ),  DSB MY (1201-  /Nohab ) DSB MY DSB: modern mainline diesels DSB MZ I,  DSB MZ II DSB MZ III,  DSB MZ IV DSB Traktor 1, 2 och 3 DSB Breuer shunters DSB Traktor 56-57,  70,  och 72-85 DSB Traktor Ardelt,  DSB Traktor Frichs DSB Traktor 251-295 'Köff'

Part 4:  Electric multiple units

S-tog:  DSB MM (old and new),  DSB FC/MC S-tog:  DSB SA,  DSB SE DSB S-tog, 4 generations DSB ER (IR4),  DSB ET (Øresundståg)

Part 5:  Diesel multiple units

DSB MA (old),  DSB MA (Sølvpilen) DSB MBF,  DSB MC,  DSB MDF DSB MB (lyntog),  DSB MS (lyntog) DSB MF (old),  DSB MK,  DSB ML DSB ML (´Lille Nord´),  DSB MO,  DSB MP DSB MQ,  DSB MR (old) DSB modern multiple units DSB MF (IC3),  DSB MG (IC4) DSB MQ,  ARRIVA AR DSB MR DSB Driving trailers

* NEW uploaded pictures (by September 2019):

DSB ME (`10) DSB ET (Øresundståg),  `00 and `20 DB/DSB 605 (ICE-TD)