Danish loco´s and multiple units,
in N-scale 1:160 (N)

My collection of handbuilt, static display models

UPDATED: April-2024

     Subdivisions: (scroll down the page!)

    - Steam loco´s
    - Ellectric loco´s
    - Diesel loco´s
    - Shunters
    - EMU´s
    - DMU´s

New models to the collection: (June-2024)

DSB ER (IR4), in latest livery DSB SA (S-tog), in latest livery DSB SA (S-tog), in latest livery (compared to the old one)


DSB overview 1 DSB overview 2 DSB overview 3

Part 1:  Steam loco´s

Danish steam loco´s DSB A,  DSB B,  DSB CS DSB E

Part 2:  Electric loco´s

Danish electric loco´s DSB EA,  DSB EB DSB EG,  DB Cargo Scandinavia EG,  DB Cargo Scandinavia 185

Part 3:  Diesel loco´s

Danish diesel loco´s, older Danish bigger shunters DSB MZ-variants DSB M (ex Slangerupbanen) DSB ME DSB MH DSB MJ,  DSB MK,  DSB ML DSB MT (101-106),  DSB MT (151-167) DSB MV (115-116),  DSB MV (Nohab),  DSB MW DSB MX (131-132)  DSB MX (1001- ) DSB MY (1201-  /Frichs ),  DSB MY (1101-  /Nohab ) DSB MY DSB MZ I,  DSB MZ II DSB MZ III DSB MZ IV,  DB Cargo Scandinavia MZ IV

Part 4:  Shunters (´Traktors´)

DSB Traktor 1, 2 and 3 DSB Dieppe- and Breuer traktors DSB Traktor 21-25,  DSB Traktor 31-45,  DSB Traktor 46-52 DSB Traktor 56-57,  70,  DSB Traktor 72-85 DSB Traktor 101-116 (Ardelt),  DSB Traktor 117-146 (Frichs) DSB Traktor 251-295 ´Köff,  DB Cargo Scandinavia ´Köff´

Part 5:  Electric multiple units

DSB modern EMU´s DSB ER (IR4) DSB/ Øresundståg ET) DSB S-tog, 4 generations S-tog:  DSB MM (old & new),  DSB FC/MC S-tog, 4. generation:   DSB SE (4-car),  DSB SA (8-car)

Part 6:  Diesel multiple units

DSB older DMU´sr DSB older DMU´s DSB MA (Triangel),  DSB MA ´Lyntog´ DSB MBF,  DSB MC,  DSB MDF DSB MB ´Lyntog´,  DSB MS ´Lyntog´ DSB MF (old),  DSB MK,  DSB ML (old) DSB MO,  DSB MP DSB MQ,  DSB MR (Frichs) DSB modern DMU´s Arriva AR ´Lint´,  DSB ML ´Lille Nord´ DSB MF (IC3),  DSB MG (IC4) DSB MQ DSB MR DSB/ DB 605 ´ICE-TD´

Driving vans:

DSB driving vans